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Mental Health Awareness & BookTok

Even now, there are many misconceptions about mental health problems and their treatment. Join Chris and Karlie as they talk about common myths versus the reality of mental health issues.  Then, have you heard of BookTok? Don’t miss this overview of the latest social media trend to hit TikTok. Click Here to Listen to the…

Gratitude & Teen Terms 3

If you’re feeling hopeless or even just a little down, gratitude is one of the best antidotes. Chris and Karlie talk about guiding teens to be thankful for the little things that are going right and the incredible benefits that gratefulness brings. They also dive into some teen terms you might be hearing or confused…

Alcohol & Testing

If you’ve ever been a teen, past or present, you know that teenage drinking is an unavoidable topic. Whether or not you suspect your teen is consuming alcohol, it’s a conversation worth having. We’re here in episode 52 of the Teen Life Podcast to give you a better picture of what the stats are for…

Help Ukraine!

Please help our partners at Allies in Youth Development raise funds to provide goods to in-country leaders and volunteers that mentor orphans in Ukraine! Click Here to Donate!

Gen Z: The Lonely Generation

Our teenagers (Generation Z) are the most connected generation, but they are also the loneliest. Seems contradictory, doesn’t it?  As a Millennial, my early teenage years were defined by wired phone calls, brick cell phones, and dial-up internet. I was a teenager when the iPhone first came on the scene and had my first phone…

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