Roop Foundation proudly supports organizations in Kentucky and Texas.


Roop Foundation was established in 2006 by Earl Roop, along with his son Chip. Following Earl’s passing in 2013, Chip took over Roop Foundation and has expanded it to help over twenty organizations and missions through the funding of grants. Roop Foundation also provides a network where information and resources are shared. Roop Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Foundation that supports youth and young adult focused non-profit organizations, mainly in Texas and Kentucky.


Roop Foundation’sĀ goal is to bring glory to God by providing support to youth focused organizations that share our ideals and need assistance for their organization to accomplish their goals and flourish.


Roop Foundation not only hopes to financially assist organizations, but also work to introduce them to each other, creating a network that allows them to share information and strengthen eachother.

Chip and Laury Roop

Chip Roop is the President of Roop Foundation. His wife Laury serves in Roop Foundation as well.

Prior to working for Roop Foundation full-time, Chip worked in multiple churches, serving as Youth Minister, as well as Graphic Design Coordinator. Chip holds a Masters in Youth Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Prior to her work with Roop Foundation, Laury was a full-time Board Certified Music Therapist for a major Hospice organization.

Earl Roop, Sr. (Founder)

Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, Earl was a coal salesman who was well known for his sense of humor and love of golf. Earl later retired to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During his lifetime Earl supporter of charitable organizations.

Earl passed away in 2013, leaving Roop Foundation as a legacy to his son Chip, and generations of his family to come.