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Dating Violence & Instagram Reels

Dating violence in teens is a topic we can’t ignore. Especially when 1 in 12 teens experiences physical violence and 1 in 12 teens experiences sexual violence. We talk about who’s most at risk and how to help teenagers in abusive relationships. Then, don’t miss Karlie’s crash course on reels and tips for how to…

Why Teens Need Caring Adults

When I was fifteen, I was thriving as much as a nerdy, idiotic, high school sophomore could. At least on the outside. I was a talented trumpet player in a competitive band; I had a decent social circle; and I was involved in extracurricular activities. But the inside was a different story. I was full…

Suicide Prevention & BeReal

Chris and Karlie talk through tips for checking in with teenagers you might be worried about. They’ll also share Karlie’s experience with the app BeReal, which is gaining traction with teens and young adults. Don’t miss the talking points for parents and teens about BeReal and how you can use it to connect with your…

PH4U – It Hits A Lot Harder Than You Think

We are blessed to work with the organization Pregnancy Help 4 U and hear a powerful testimony from Kati Huston about her choice to have an abortion at a young age, how it affects her life now, and how she has the opportunity to help women see and consider other options. Check out Pregnancy Help…

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