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How to Talk About School Shootings

We wish you never had to have this conversation, but it is an important one in light of the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. In this brief episode, Karlie talks through some tips on how to talk about school shootings and also gives some ideas for how to be part of the solution moving…

Talking With Kids About Self-Esteem

In episode 61, Karlie shares about one particular group that shows the state of self-esteem in today’s teens, and Chris and Karlie discuss positive self-talk. Click Here to Listen to the Podcast! Summer is a great time to start conversations with your teen! Use the extra time with them while they are home to get…

Teen Virtues & Marvel

Join Chris and Karlie in one of their most important conversations to date. Learn this simple trick to harness the power of words to encourage and affirm teens. You’ll also love this episode’s deep dive into the world of Marvel, parental warnings and great takeaways. Click Here to Listen to the Podcast!

PH4U – It Hits A Lot Harder Than You Think

We are blessed to work with the organization Pregnancy Help 4 U and hear a powerful testimony from Kati Huston about her choice to have an abortion at a young age, how it affects her life now, and how she has the opportunity to help women see and consider other options. Check out Pregnancy Help…

Practical Parenting

Christian Counselor Beth Herrian gives practical tips on how we can instill a good self image and self confidence in our children. Learn how to let your kids be independent and confident starting when they are young through high school in this video.

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